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Your biography is the perfect depiction of your outlook on life. From small facts to personal history, a biography covers it all. Our writers can help you write a biography for you just the way you want. It will enable the reader to be motivated, influenced, and encouraged through your life story. eBook Writing Hub can make your story inspiring. The biographies we write for you ensure that the reader stays engaged throughout.

Fiction Biography

Such biographies are written for famous personalities who are currently at the peak of their fame. Their ‘real-life’ stories are incorporated with drama and influenced by real-life events. The ratio of its being factually correct is minimum; biographies are not definitive.

Academic Biography

These kinds of biographies are based on physical documentation or proof of all the achievements that an individual has owned throughout his life span. This follows a process of comprehensive research and reviewal at every stage of the story.

Fictionalized Academic Biographies

It’s a combination of both a fictional and biographical world. But this doesn’t imply that they are not factually correct. The most interesting part of such biographies is they are entertaining to read.

The Foreshadowing Biographies

These biographies follow a certain pattern or, which is often "Liberation of the Masses." They are written for the betterment of humankind and made for the sole purpose of spiritual enlightenment.

How We Write Personalized Biographies For You?

We offer the finest quality of services at reasonable prices compared to the market. Our ghostwriting services are unmatched in terms of value for the price. How exactly we do that? Our process is briefly explained below to ensure that our clients are aware at every stage of the production process. Our company believes in the transparency of operations while dealing with our clients. The primary goal of the business is to build strong relationships with its customers.


At the first stage, our company contacts you to collect all the necessary information required to match your conditions.


Our highly experienced biography writers build up a plot that is relatable and inspiring to the readers.


We gather information of targeted reader’s interests by comprehensive research to create an engaging biography.


We take special care of all the revisions to make the necessary changes to deliver something you have always envisioned.


Once all the revisions have been done, we'll send the final copy to ensure we have produced the copy based on your demands.


We believe in delivering qualitative work, so our customers are never disappointed and have a fruitful experience.